About Us

Broken Games is a collaborative effort by a small group of friends with a love of all things tabletop gaming.  It is our goal to develop and launch our own games while providing space and resources for the development of game ideas and alpha-stage game designs.

“Nothing is perfect.  Flaws are interesting.”
-Laurie Halse Anderson, Speak

Who is Broken Games?

Jack Rosetree, Executive Editor
Jack is a budding game designer with a few small credits including ABXY, Questboard, and Life Sucks.  He hosts an instructional series on tabletop game design called Dear Designer and creates promotional previews under the pseudonym F5.  Jack is based in Poughkeepsie, NY where he lives with his wife, Desirée.

Gail Sherman, Chief Executive Officer
Gail is a retired NY state police officer, a US Army National Guard veteran, an avid gamer, and an advanced technophile. She is the most presentable and responsible member of the Broken Games team. Gail is based in Cornwall, NY where she lives with her furry kids, Meeps, Starbuck, and Leia.

Ed Francis, Resident Artist
Ed has always been drawing the strange and interesting, but has recently found himself drawn to game art and design.  He is a father, husband, and obsessive audiobook and podcast junkie.  Ed is based in Wappingers Falls, NY.  You can check out his artist website right here.

Broken Games would also like to thank Desirée Rosetree, Eddie Rodriguez, and everyone that has ever playtested, purchased, or in any way improved our Broken Games.

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