00Cover2Broken Games embraces the fact that everything is a little broken and we like it that way.

Thank you for visiting our website.  We’re just a couple of folks hoping to turn some of our crappy little game ideas into something more.  You can also find us on Facebook.

Here’s the most imminent projects we’re hoping to bring to you soon!

ABXY-Box-LogoABXY is a simultaneous action selection game for two players. Using only 4 action buttons and a small team of unique combatants, can you outplay and outwit your opponent?

Game Logo2Quest Board is a card drafting game for up to 6 players.  Hire heroes!  Complete quests!  Win treasure!  And save the world, maybe.  In the end, only the richest wins.

Game LogoLife Sucks is a party game in which players bid to avoid or embrace frustrating and unfortunate life events.  The players with the most and fewest points at the end of the game are both considered the winners.